It’s not certain yet, but Ford wouldn’t leave this clues if they don’t mean anything

Ford’s plan for the “Mach 1” name is still shrouded in questions, but a new teaser from Ford seems to have left bread crumbs on what the automaker intends to do with the resurrected nomenclature. Without directly identifying it, the teaser included a shot of the original Ford Mustang Mach 1, followed by a shot of the current Mustang, an illuminated version of the Mustang’s V-8 engine, and a lit version of the muscle car’s iconic badge. Without explicitly saying anything, Ford may have hinted its plans to use the “Mach 1” name on a future hybrid Mustang.

It’s amazing how many easter eggs you can find in a trailer that lasts a little over a minute long. Ford’s promotional video doesn’t exactly name a specific model — it’s a call to the company’s plans for the future — but it does include a few car models, most notably the original Ford Mustang Mach 1 that’s shown right at the 0:34 mark. What follows next is a quick sequence of images showing the current Mustang, an illuminated image of the Mustang’s V-8 engine, and a shadowy teaser of what looks like the next-generation Mustang with an illuminated pony logo in the front grille.

So what can we make out of all these easter eggs?

Obviously, a lot of this is speculation, but it is interesting that the original Mach 1 is featured in the teaser.

It’s even more interesting that the shot of the OG Mach 1 was followed by a sequence that not only points to the current and future Mustang, but also to hybrid technology.

Is it possible, then, that instead of the much-derided Mach 1 SUV, Ford is instead using the iconic nomenclature on a hybrid Mustang? Ford’s been understandably coy about what it intends to do with the Mach 1 name, telling Motor Authority that the teaser is nothing more than a “glimpse of the future.” We just can’t help but wonder if the Blue Oval is trying to tell us something with those images in the teaser. It is pretty clear that the Tron-like, neon-blue hue that it used to denote the illuminated grille logo and engine bay is the color that’s often associated with hybrid technology.

Now That Ford Knows Better Than to Name an SUV "Mach 1" Will the Name End up on a Hybrid Mustang Instead?
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Don’t sleep on the teaser for the next-generation Mustang, though.

It’s hard to be sure because the image is too dark, but is Ford once again ditching the round headlights that have become staples of the Mustang’s design?

Not sure that’s a good idea.

Whatever the case, we can be sure that Ford has big plans for the future of the Ford Mustang, and they may or may not include the Mach 1 nomenclature.

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