We’re also willing to forgive the bucktooth grille if BMW spins off the M4 into a shooting brake

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It might sound like we’re pushing our luck here since BMW is already working on a station wagon version for the new M3, but looking at these renders, there’s no denying that the M4 would look rad in shooting brake attire.

Now We're Convinced That BMW Needs to Build an M4 Shooting Brake
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Here’s the thing. The incoming BMW M3 Touring won’t reach U.S. shores as per BMW’s own admission. Which is a bummer because we’d love to see other drivers’ faces upon hearing that twin-turbo, 3.0-liter flat six mill revved hard at a traffic light from under the hood of a station wagon fitted with child seats. Also, 473 horsepower (or 503 in Competition trim) are nothing to sneeze at either, so there’s that.

It’s easy then to imagine the level of drooling our mouth saw from stumbling upon @sugardesign_1’s renders of a would-be M4 Touring. All of a sudden, the bucktooth grille isn’t scratching our retinas and the whole car looks like BMW itself couldn’t have designed it better.

Now We're Convinced That BMW Needs to Build an M4 Shooting Brake
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The artist calls it the BMW M4 Gran Touring Xperformance edition aimed at those who can’t afford the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso. Fair enough. But there’s a problem. Two, actually. 1 – most likely we’ll never see it in production guise unless some crazy tuner decides to build a one-off car based on these pictures and 2 – if it does get made, chances are it’ll still cost an arm and a leg.

As a silver lining, do check out @sugardesign_1’s Instagram account for more goodies such as a Safari-style Toyota A90 Supra or a widebody Volkswagen Passat B2 Variant.

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