You remember that at the end of January we told you about a "F1" license plate sold for $880.000? I thought that was really expensive. Now i consider it a bargain! Why? because in the United Arab Emirates a license plate was sold for 25 million dirhams ($6.75 million)! Is not that surprising considering it comes from the UAE, but still!!!

It all happened during an auction where people battle to own a license plates with the lowest digit. As a result, the numbers "5" and "7" have already been snapped up, sold for 25 million dirhams ($6.75 million) and 11 million dirhams ($2.97 million) respectively.

Next week, the country will put up for auction the mother of all vanity plates: the number "1." It is expected to immediately set a new record for the most expensive plate in the world.

"As low as the number goes, as high the price goes also," said Abdullah Al Mannaei, who runs the license plate auctions in the capital city, Abu Dhabi.

"If it’s a two-digit number, if it’s similar like ’99’ or ’22,’ that goes (for) a higher amount."


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