If your a New York native - rocking some nice spinners , prepare to be shocked. NY legislature is looking to ban these wheels from the New York State. What does 50 Cent have to say about this?

According to the Sema Action Network (the organization that is going to keep your modding dreams alive throughout the United States) if the ban goes into effect, New York Police could slap you with a big fat $750 speeding ticket, meaning no more money for those rap cd’s that go with the ride. This new anti-auto expression law, labeled "S.B. 1640" for (all you law buffs) was reintroduced into the New York State Legislature by State Senator John Sabini The law states legislature "prohibit spinner hub caps" on motor vehicles being used in NY. If this law goes into effect , a lot of enthusiasts, business owners will be upset. Time shall tell.

Send the Senator an email if you are against this ban :


Source: www.sema.org

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pdaix  (431) posted on 02.20.2007

why exactly they want to ban the spinners? I have not seen any explanation about why this law might come up ? is it dangerous or something ?

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