• NYC Cab Drivers May Strike Over GPS Installation


New Yorkers may have to find another means of transportation around the city if cab drivers decide to strike. According to Metro NY, the Bloomberg administration wants to install a high-tech video monitor in the back of every cab by the end of this year. The monitors would offer entertainment with commercials as well as credit card transactions.

These monitors would also contain a GPS-tracking technology, "activated by the taxi’s meter, and only the trip’s beginning and destination will be collected and retained for three years..." Cab drivers are protesting the installation of these monitors because (1) it’s a violation of their privacy and (2) units will cost between $2,900 and $7,200 for a three-year period, which many drivers will be expected to dish out.

I don’t agree that this is an invasion of privacy, because the GPS technology could aid in solving crimes or even stopping them if a passenger is in trouble. Should they be forced to purchase these devices at such a high cost? No. And even if the cabbies strike, will their actions be heard? Probably not, because it sounds like the city is going to install these monitors no matter what.

Source: gearlog

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