What would you build if you had finances without limitations, a love for classic Mustangs and a passion for hot rodding? Forget everything you know and believe about classic Mustangs because were talking about something that’s never existed before. Something that says, You’ve achieved the highest levels success and perfectly reflects who you are. It must exceed the wildest dreams of even the most discerning enthusiast without disappointment or delay. It must redefine the standards by which all others are judged. It must be the absolute pinnacle of achievement. All of this requires the finest coach level craftsmanship, ingenious engineering, seamless integration of only the best components and several years to complete. All in just one car: the Obsidian SG-One Mustang.

Obsidian SG-One Ford Mustang
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Classic styling meticulously blended with sophisticated technology. A Twin supercharged and intercooled EFI engine with more horsepower than any factory Shelby Mustang , a new Corvette ZR-1 or a new Dodge Viper.

The SG-One Ford Mustang is powered by a 6.4 liter V8 twin supercharged engine that delivers more than 800 hp. It makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in just 4 seconds.

To ensure the highest level of your entertainment experience there is a 3,000 watt Kicker stereo system with Dolby 5.1 surround sound, DVD navigation, MP3, iPod, XM Radio, 60GB hard drive, Bluetooth and HomeLink. There’s even WiFi Internet access wherever your journey takes you.

Specifications after the jump.

  • Horsepower: 800+HP on pump gas (est) Over 1,000+ HP is possible w/tuning
  • Torque: 750 lbs. ft. on pump gas (est)
  • 0-60: 4 sec. (est)
  • Top Speed: Could possibly be the fastest streetable Mustang ever
  • Weight: Approximately 3,000 lbs.
  • Length: 190.6 (7 longer, comfortably seats virtually anyone up to 7 feet tall)
  • Cost To Duplicate: Approx. $1.3M


Obsidian SG-One Ford Mustang
- image 229175


  • Obsidian 392 cubic inch engine (351W based), 800+HP on pump gas
  • Big Stuff 3 fuel injection w/on-board computer mgt. & in-dash diagnostics
  • Rotrex C38-81 twin superchargers & Active twin blow off valves
  • Hogan custom aluminum intake manifold w/Viper twin throttle bodies
  • Spearco custom twin air to air intercoolers
  • Custom billet aluminum pulley system, radiator core support & firewall
  • Aeromotive fuel pump & custom alum. fuel tank (sumped & baffled)
  • Doug Thorley custom headers, custom dual exhaust & aluminum tips
  • Tremec TKO 600 5-speed manual w/Master Shift paddle shifters
  • Mittler Brothers 9" fabricated rear end housing w/Currie 31-spline axles


Obsidian SG-One Ford Mustang
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  • Integrated tubular chassis, 4-point hidden roll cage & 4-piece belly pan
  • Redesigned shock towers, rear frame rails, reinforced frame rails & jack pads
  • Lowered center of gravity (for high speed stability & aggressive look)
  • Engine & firewall have been pushed back (for better weight distribution)




  • RRS Phase 5 front coil over suspension (Koni shocks w/Eibach springs)
  • RRS rear 3-link coil over suspension w/torque Arm
  • Brembo 14" 4-wheel disc brakes w/4-piston calipers
  • RRS power rack & pinion steering w/IDIDIT brushed tilt steering
  • Power Brake Service hydroboost power brakes


Obsidian SG-One Ford Mustang
- image 229173



  • 2-seat conversion w/seats/boxes pushed back (for a modern sports car feel)
  • Recaro custom ultra heated leather seats w/full lumbar support
  • 4-point safety harness system
  • Luxury carpeting, sound proofing & heat insulation
  • Electronic A/C, Electric Life power windows, door locks & 3-speed wipers
  • Kicker 3,000 watt sound system w/5.1 Dolby digital surround sound
  • DVD GPS Navigation, XM Radio, MP3, WMA, iPod, Bluetooth, 60 Gig hard drive, Mobile Wi-Fi Internet, HomeLink & more
  • 10.5" LCD touch screen monitor (operates electronics for vehicle)
  • Keyless ignition, remote keyless entry & vehicle security system
  • Stewart Warner gauges w/chameleon light package
  • Hand crafted color matched dash board extends several inches over stock
  • Hand crafted 2-piece door panels, headliner, center console & rear panels
  • Leather wrapped billet steering wheel w/manual paddle shifters
  • Lokar billet pedals & various billet accessories
Obsidian SG-One Ford Mustang
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  (6021) posted on 03.4.2008

sorry that was me below

  (6021) posted on 03.4.2008

little kids... when it comes to classic muscle cars its not always about being the fastest.. its class. but its got the horsepower too... and for the record if it has 200 more horse than another car... and weighs less.. the only thing limiting its speed is aerodynamics... its what you call a drag limited top speed for those of you who think you know something about cars... and if it was meant to be fast well they’d do somthing with the body but its a car of class and show so it doesn’t look like a wing...

  (6021) posted on 02.12.2008

thats one nice ride

  (6021) posted on 02.4.2008

nice engine but the interior .

  (6021) posted on 02.4.2008

hey if you read the comment where it says the lambo, GTR, and zonda could smoke this mustang i wrote it sorry forgot to put my name its Skyline10racer.

  (6021) posted on 02.4.2008

stupid car prettybut a lambo would smoke it!

  (6021) posted on 02.4.2008

its a nice ride but a lambo,nissian GTR, and a zonda could smoke it big time yo next time put more in the engine!

  (6021) posted on 02.3.2008

baddestofthebad......shut yo up
with better tires, this mustang can easily get a quicker 0 to 60 than the Vette and Viper, and not to mention the quarter, 1/8, half mile....watever
so, sit yo down man

  (6021) posted on 02.1.2008

es um paneleiro shauno552

  (6021) posted on 02.1.2008

yo to be honest this whip and i’ll tell you why, you say its got more power than the new viper an vette and yet its 0-60 time is only 4 secs?!! er? thats kinda dumb the new viper and vette do 0-60 in jus 3.7 secs so which one of them is really the better motor vehicle sum steroid pumped mustang thats still horribly slow no matter how big its muscles get or the trully quick vette and viper? u do the math

  (6021) posted on 02.1.2008

1вый нах! smiley

  (3) posted on 02.1.2008

im guessing ita 1.3mill bc thats how much it says it is to duplicate it . . .

  (6021) posted on 01.31.2008

does anybody know how much that is?

  (6021) posted on 01.31.2008

that is a sweet mustang

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