Official Patented Drawings Of Eric Clapton’s Ferrari SP12 Leaked

2012 Ferrari SP12 EPC Exterior Drawings
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We’re positive that we have all seen Eric Clapton’s one-off Ferrari 458 Italia by now, but up until this point we’ve only seen blurry images and a less-than-exciting video shot by YouTube personality ‘Shmee150’. However, now we can show you the official patented drawings for the car which were constructed well in advance of the car actually being made.

The original pictures published make the incredible supercar look relatively odd. It’s likely fitted with a lifting system and we wouldn’t be surprised if that was activated throughout the event it debuted in. Furthermore, it’s quite hard to actually pick the lines of the 458 Italia of which it’s based off, but these high quality drawings do give us a clear indication of the styling direction Clapton chose for the car.

The car has a much wider stance than the regular 458 Italia, and this makes it look quite reminiscent of the legendary Ferrari Enzo, and of course, the Enzo headlights help finish off the aggressive look. The most interesting part of this particular car, however, is its under tray.

We’ve yet to see any real pictures showcasing just how the regular car looks from underneath, but Clapton’s SP12 has a very smooth under tray to improve airflow with its aggressive rear diffuser helping to add even more downforce to the driven wheels.

Initial reports suggested that the SP12 would feature the V12 from the now-extinct 599 GTB, but it was later confirmed to have retained the standard 4.5-liter V8 producing a little over the standard 570HP.


Source: AutoBlog ES

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