Man narrowly avoids getting nailed by an out-of-control car

The Nürburgring has always been one of the most perilous race tracks in the world, and that’s when you’re describing it on a bright and sunny day. But when you add the element of an oil spill into the mix, the dangers go up exponentially. Worse is when the spill happens during track day for tourists – they call it the “touristenfahrten” – where novice and everyday drivers take to the track to test their skills.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened during a recent Nürburgring touristenfahrten and one man, in particular, almost found himself getting run over by a driver who lost control of his BMW because of the oil spill on the track. While that was the scariest episode of the afternoon, it was from the only notable one. A handful of cars also crashed into the ‘Ring’s metal barriers, falling victim to the invincible puddle that was causing all of the mayhem.

It’s worth noting that track officials curiously didn’t stop the event to clean up the mess, opting to let one marshall frantically wave a yellow flag to signal to the drivers to slow down on the corner where the spill was. Maybe if they stopped the event altogether, the man who almost got creamed by the BMW wouldn’t have had to get out of his car and frantically wave his arms to warn the oncoming circuit traffic of the danger that lay ahead.

Lesson learned for a lot of people here. One, be mindful of your corner speeds, and two, if you crash, don’t run into the track even if your intentions are noble.


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