It was only six months ago that AutoWeek exposed Carroll Shelby’s charities as non-givers, as an entity that spent over 90% of its receipts for overhead and gave almost nothing to the intended charity beneficiaries. At the time, Shelby said his charities were just building up an “endowment” so they could do more, later.
Then, there’s been the recurring nightmare of his cars. Remember the one that was supposed to have an Oldsmobile engine? Well, yes, it has been that long that he’s been promising to deliver that car to those that put down deposits.
Now he’s mad at his own fans.
Shelby is now dumping on the Shelby American Automobile Club.
Yes, he’s screwing his own legacy.
Seems that Shelby has had a licensing deal with the club, and he’s now refusing to renew it. The club has traced the various Shelby cars over the years, and publishes a tomb that is considered the authoritative reference on all things Shelby.
But, now Shelby wants to do that. For money. So, he’s insisting that the club give him the rights to that which it has spent decades accomplishing.
Few organizations have contributed more to Shelby that the Shelby American Car Club. Only the committee that gave his aged body a heart transplant when younger people were in line can be considered to have done more.
Shelby has a press release in which he picks nits with the SAAC, saying, for example, that they wouldn’t give him a list of their members. (Well, no wonder – duh.)
But the bottom line is at Shelby’s bottom line.
The members of the SAAC pay a quarter of a million dollars a year in dues.
And dear Carroll wants it all.
After all, charity is his middle name.

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