Advertising doesn’t get better than this

The Toyota Hilux pickup truck is nearly fabled in its rugged toughness, reliability, and strong pulling power. I mean, who could forget the legendary TopGear episode where Jeremy Clarkson beats and abuses a Hilux that refused to quit, even after a saltwater bath in the sea. It was only after setting it afire did the ‘Yota cease to run. Well, Toyota’s Australian advertising arm took a swing at describing the truck’s toughness in the 1999 TV commercial titled “Bugger.”

This slap-stick-style advertisement pits a hapless farmer against such daily chores as mending fences, towing a tractor, and even fetching an unfortunate cow mired in mud. Much to the farmer’s dismay, his Hilux overdoes each task with a tremendous result. For the audience, the result is laughter and a positive remembrance of the Hilux pickup. The commercial also likely sparked a renewed usage of the word Bugger.

Playing a lead role in the ad is the sixth-generation Hilux, which lasted from 1997 to 2005. Toyota offered the pickup in several different configurations with a bevy of drivetrain options. Available was the single cab, Extra Cab, and Double Cab, with both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive. Engine options included three different gasoline four-cylinders and four different four-cylinder diesel options. A five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmission were the gearboxes of choice.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy this short TV commercial from the last century. It certainly classifies as “an oldie but a goodie.”


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