Pontiac is riding off into the sunset in 2010 so it seems fitting that fans of the disheveled American car brand is taking the time to celebrate its long and illustrious history as an American car pioneer.

Organizers of the Faifield County Concours d’Elegance held a recent promotion to find the oldest Pontiac they could find from the brand’s inaugural year in 1926 so they could proudly display it at the Concours.
After months of search – with a few missed leads here and there – the organizers found a magnificently-restored 1926 two-door coach in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

The car, which is co-owned by Roy and Paul Jaszczak, is still in pretty good shape, especially when you consider that it’s around 83 years old. Apart from replacing the valves and the obviously-outdated Lindbergh tires, the coach remains in tip-top condition.

The car is set to be shipped to the Concours in New York where the father and son owners will also be treated as SDVIPs (Super Duper VIPs), complete with first-class accommodations and the whole nine yards. The Jaszczak’s will then bring their ride at the Concours so all Pontiac fans from different generations can oogle over the oldest running car of a brand that’s on its way to closing shop.

We can’t think of a better tribute to bestow upon Pontiac – a car brand that defined a lot of generations here in the US. Putting the oldest running Pontiac on exhibit should give people a sense of perspective just how much Pontiac has meant to the US auto industry over the past 80 years.

Source: Star Tribune

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  (571) posted on 02.1.2010

Oldest running Pontiac to be displayed at the Fairfield Concours d’ Elegance
Comment: Amazing. I wonder how much this old faithful will cost if they put it up on auction or something. The owners are lucky to have it.

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