• One Man’s Turbine-Powered Scooter Creates the Biggest Smile Ever - Video

Now this is the definition of pure happiness

YouTube Fabricator, Colin Furze, has built all kinds of things, but his latest creation hits us right in the feels – a fan-powered scooter for none other than his five-year-old son. His latest creation is a little different from the BMW hot tub of the weaponized rickshaw, but it’s pretty damn cool, and as you’ll see from the unbelievably happy face on his son when the project is done, it might be the best thing he’s ever built.

The video shows the whole process from start to finish, including the test run when his son’s face lights up with the biggest smile the world has ever seen. Furze even made it a point to make the fan-turbine remote controlled because his son will “go crazy and drive it straight into the neighbor’s car.” Parenting at its best, right? It might be a homemade project, but it looks pretty cool and, needless to say, it’s as functional as can be. As for range and actual thrust, Furze has yet to figure all of that out but none of that really matters to the five-year-old it is built for, anyway.

The best part is, Furze says he’s building an even faster and more powerful model for adults – one with a gas turbine from turbocharge parts. Now that in itself sounds absolutely amazing, but go ahead and watch this video for now. If the look on his son’s face doesn’t make you smile, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

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