As all United States automakers (even the vaunted Toyota) decelerate their predictions for total sale in the U.S. for 2007 to barely over 16 million,
General Motors announced that it expected to sell a million vehicles in China this year.
That not only makes China the second biggest market for GM, but it makes it the market in which the growth is located. From China, GM can reach out to the rest of Indochina, including Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and India.
Nobody else comes close to GM’s numbers in China, and they’ve been very successful in preventing local Chinese companies from stealing their business.
Think about this.
It’s not just that China is 1/16th the market of the United States.
GM’s sales for 2006 in the United States were about 9 million, counting cars and trucks.
China is already one-ninth the size of the United States market for GM.
And it is growing much faster, and makes much bigger profits.
Who says GM is stupid?
By the way, the picture is of an extended length STS Cadillac that they don’t sell in the United States, and which is much nicer than the one that doesn’t sell here.

What do you think?
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