It’s only possible for those with Volvo on Call and GM’s OnStar Connectivity Services

Now that Amazon has moved past the idea of leaving packages inside our homes, it wants to start delivering packages straight to the trunks of our cars. And, it’s starting to do so already, thanks to a deal with GM and Volvo, which will allow anyone with a vehicle that’s 2015 or newer and actively subscribed to Volvo on Call or OnStar. For this to work, however, Amazon will get the GPS location of your vehicle and license plate number. And, the vehicle needs to be parked within a certain proximity to an address used for Amazon deliveries. Apparently, Amazon never gains access to your connected car credentials and instead requests access to each vehicle via an encrypted messaging service with the connected car service. On the plus side, GM, Volvo, nor Amazon look at this as a way to earn additional profit and instead want to offer it as an added convenience. The program has been available in California and Washington for the last six months and should now expand to other areas now that Amazon has signed a new two-year contract with GM and Volvo. The company will look to expand to other automakers in the future.


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