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One of the Rarest BMW’s Ever Made Was Recently Brought Back to Life

A one-off BMW 750iL Touring resurfaced after many Years

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The BMW E32 7 Series is the second generation of the brand’s full-size luxury sedan. It was made between 1986 and 1994, with a total of 311,068 units built. The E32 brought many innovations for the brand, such as traction control, active suspension, xenon headlights (1991), and dual climate control, to name a few. It was also the first car to adhere to the “Gentlemen’s agreement”, limiting top speed to 155 mph (250 km/h). What you may not know, however, is that the E32 also offered as a station wagon, which was very rare. Moreover, only one of them was a long-wheelbase variant, and recently, it underwent a full restoration.

One of the Rarest BMW's Ever Made Was Recently Brought Back to Life
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After nearly 3 decades, the unique 7er reappeared, fully restored. So far, it’s not for sale

The idea of a BMW 7 Series Touring dates back to 1989, when a BMW dealer in Germany, LR Fahrzeugbau made one based on the 750iL. This means it had the long-wheelbase - 2,947 mm vs 2,833 mm (116.0 vs 111.5 inches) and 11.5 cm (4.5 inches) more legroom.

It was also equipped with the 5.0-liter V-12, that produced 295 horsepower at 5,200 RPM and 332 pound-feet (540 Nm) at 4,100 RPM. The car was believed to be capable of 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in around 7.1 seconds on its way to a 155 mph (250 km/h) top speed. The gearbox was a four-speed torque-converter automatic.

One of the Rarest BMW's Ever Made Was Recently Brought Back to Life
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Less than 10 are believed to exist and thsi is the only long-wheelbase example
1989 BMW 7 Series Touring specifications
Engine 5.0-liter V-12
Power 295 LB-FT @ 5,200 RPM
Torque 332 LB-FT @ 4,100 RPM
0 to 60 mph 7.1 seconds
Top Speed 155 mph
Transmission four-speed torque-converter automatic
It is believed that no more than 10 BMW E32 7 Series Touring exist, but this is the only long version, which makes it one of the most unique BMW cars ever made.

It’s hard not to notice the extremely long roofline, which from a distance, resembles the E34 5 Series Touring. The car recently resurfaced and it looks to be in perfect condition after a full restoration has been done. To this day, the car is believed to be somewhere in Germany, possibly blasting down an Autobahn.

One of the Rarest BMW's Ever Made Was Recently Brought Back to Life
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This means it has the 5.0-liter M70B50 V-12, with 295 hp and 332 lb/ft, mated to a 4-speed automatic

Although we don’t suppose the current owner (whoever he is) would want to part with the car anytime soon, we will be on the lookout should this magnificent, one-of-a-kind, “Beamer” come up for sale.

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