The Bugatti Veyron is widely hailed as one of the most expensive and exclusive cars in the world and mere sightings of the car are enough to generate a few snapshots from every wide-eyed pedestrian that comes across one. This particular Veyron, which was spotted somewhere in California, is one such example. From afar, it looks like one of those typical Bugatti supercars – although ‘typical’ just might be an understatement in describing a Veyron.

Upon closer inspection, though, this Veyron is in fact the latest in a long line of limited edition – and by limited, we mean a one-off - models Bugatti is releasing before the Veyron ultimately rides off into the sunset in 2012. Dressed in a matte white body with a glossy black hood, this Veyron carries the name ‘Grand Sport Blanc Noir’, which, as the name suggests, was derived from the targa-roofed Veyron Grand Sport and, apparently, was built for an esteemed designer of the high-end clothing fraternity.

There’s no word as to how many more special-edition Veyrons Bugatti has in its plans but rest assured, you can expect that the French supercar makers probably have a few more up their sleeves.


Source: GT Spirit

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  (808) posted on 01.20.2010

So who’s the owner? When ever I see exotic cars, I am more curious of knowing who the owners are. Of course they are no ordinary people. I want to hear the stories behind.

  (428) posted on 01.13.2010

Do you think it’s the latest Bugatti Veyron? IMO, I don’t see it as the latest version of Veyron. Anyways seems like the owner of this car is not that careless that I can’t see scratches on that car. Thinking that the owner of this car purchase this car a year ago.

  (708) posted on 01.12.2010

I have always thought of the Bugatti as a French car.... (with German owners and now made mostly in Germany). And not only are the special editions of the car in French, but also the name Veyron.. is the name of a French race car driver Pierre Veyron.

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