Supercar sightings are nothing new in today’s social media-heavy world. But seeing ridiculous one-off models is an added treat because of their exclusivity. That’s exactly the case with the Ferrari F12 SP America, a one-off, F12berlinetta-based car that was recently spotted at Wide World Ferrari Maserati — a New York Ferrari and Maserati dealership.

Details about the car are still limited other than the fact that it’s based on the F12berlinetta. What we do know is that it’s awesome. It also comes with distinctive styling upgrades, particularly on the exterior where we see a modified front section with a new hood that features nostrils to send more air to the engine. A reconfigured front bumper and splitter, and a new headlight setup help change the appearance up front.

The F12 SP America is arguably the most enigmatic of the recent one-off Ferraris the Italian automaker has released, so consider yourself lucky if you saw the F12 SP America in the flesh. Chances are that not many had the same privilege.

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Why It Matters

One-Off Ferrari F12 SP America Spotted in New York Exterior
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As you can imagine, spotting in New York is tantamont to seeing a unicorn in Scotland.

The Ferrari F12 SP America is a true one-off in every sense of the word. It’s the kind of supercar that makes once-in-a-lifetime appearances. As you can imagine, spotting one in New York is tantamount to seeing a unicorn in Scotland. We can look for it all we want, but unless it wants to show up, we’re not going to catch it in public.

One-Off Ferrari F12 SP America

One-Off Ferrari F12 SP America Spotted in New York Exterior
- image 558492

Take a walking tour around the F12 SP America. Once you’re done, you’ll also notice that other than the prominent changes on the front section, the wheel arches are also more pronounced than the F12berlinetta. There’s also an aggressive rear diffuser and a modified rear bumper, and a reworked bootlid spoiler.

Ferrari has given no indication on whether the custom supercar received a performance upgrade or not. Nevertheless, you can still expect to see the 6.3-liter, V-12 engine from the F12berlinetta. This engine bangs out 740 horsepower and 508 pound-feet of torque in its stock setup, which affords the F12berlinetta a 3.1-second 0-to-60-mph sprint time and a 211-mph top speed.

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