One strange way to get rid of your Range Rover

People are always trying to find a way to achieve some fame and here we found quite a strange way to become “famous”. Ryan Mickle, just a normal guy from the USA, bought in 2006 a Range Rover Sport for just $60,000, not for daily use but for trips. Now he decided that it is more important to be environment oriented and so he wants to destroy the car. He even opened a dedicated website, “OneFewer” where he makes a lot of buzz and people can actually choose what should happen to his car.

But surely he is not just interested in only keeping a cleaner environment, there are really many ways to get rid of car without making so much noise. In the end, wouldn’t he do much more damage to the environment if he went to “violent” measures like burning the Rover or dumping it in to ocean?


Source: onefewer

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  (35) posted on 07.28.2008

I don’t think hes a "normal guy" if he can afford to destroy a Range Rover sport!!

Just a pathetic attempt at getting some publicity!

  (47) posted on 07.27.2008

There are better ways to "save the environment" with 70k. This is just a wasteful way to make a statement. People who love Range Rovers will not stop buying Range Rovers.

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