Don’t drink and steal a tank, people!

Stealing cars is a pretty common occurrence all over the world. But stealing a tank? That rarely happens, that is unless you live in Russia where bizarre crimes happen more often than you think. That was the case in Russia where a man stole an armored personnel carrier and rammed it into a grocery store, all because he wanted to steal a bottle of wine.

The crazy caper was caught on video by witnesses to the crime, a lot of whom, according to Reuters, described the criminal as being inebriated when he crates the combat vehicle into the unsuspecting store. Apparently, the man got his hands on the APC while it was parked in a “motorsport training ground.” From there, he drove the military vehicle through a forest and into the town before setting his sights on the convenience store. Along the way, he crushed and damaged a few cars, including a Daewoo that was completely flattened.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the man’s reckless behavior. The building itself received relatively little damage considering that a tank drove into it. Videos taken during the act also show onlookers not looking particularly concerned that a military vehicle was laying waste to its town. Some people walked nonchalantly by, sometimes getting within arm’s reach of the vehicle without even acting surprised about what they’re seeing. The man ended up getting arrested while he was still holding on to his stolen wine, putting a cork to this bizarre episode.


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