Opel, the well-known manufacturer unveiled a new striking emblem in order to be officially revealed in July at the London Motor Show with the new Insignia sedan. According to Mark Adams, Vice President Design, General Motors Europe the new logo captures a new design language and philosophy of the vehicles. More details after the jump!

Press release:

A fresh, bold car requires an equally striking emblem. So when the Insignia debuts in July at the London Motor Show it will sport a refined logo that heralds a new era for Opel in innovation, technology and design.

“The Insignia embodies the confident, exciting direction we are taking at Opel,” says Alain Visser, Chief Marketing Officer GM Europe. “And this direction is immediately clear from the polished, even higher class brand emblem. We will naturally use the new emblem from now on in all future models.”

The latest logo proudly integrates the Opel name into a wider border that circles the trademark lightning bolt. It has a more sculpted design with spherical surfaces that give the emblem three-dimensional depth.
“Capturing that combination of beautifully-sculpted shapes together with German precision is very much consistent with the overall design language and philosophy of our vehicles,” says Mark Adams, Vice President Design, General Motors Europe, who led the team that re-designed the logo. “The Insignia itself is a very important vehicle for Opel and it really symbolizes this confidence that we have going forward. Creating an emblem that was equally bold and of high quality and precision was very important. “

The Opel Blitz is one of the most recognizable brand logos in Europe and has adorned the company’s vehicles since 1963. “The Opel Blitz evolved from a zeppelin – a symbol of progress at that time – which had been the radiator emblem of Opel vehicles since the beginning of the 1930s,” explains Heinz H. Zettl, Manager Opel Heritage & Institutional Communications. “In 1937, a circle was added – a wheel to symbolize mobility.” This evolution was also influenced by the brand name of Opel’s light commercial vehicles, which from 1930 to 1975 bore the name “Blitz” and featured a lightning bolt as a distinctive symbol.

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  (1) posted on 05.23.2008

The new Opel badge WILL NOT be launched at the London Motor Show!! All GM Europe models sold in the UK are badged Vauxhall! (which has already had a new badge design) The Insignia will be launched at the show

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