• Opus Just Proved That The AMG GT Black Series Can Be Even More Extreme

How does an output of four figures sound to you?

Opus Automotive was featured in Misha Charoudin’s YouTube channel, and the main subject was the German tuner’s new tuning programs for the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, called the Binary Editions. Two levels of performance upgrades are already available for the range-topping AMG GT, each delivering power figures in the four digits. Opus noted that less powerful kits are also being developed alongside the aerodynamic upgrades and the new set of wheels. Those modifications will be available at a later date.

The Nurburgring-based German tuner’s engine upgrade programs for the high-performance AMG GT Black Series are impressive. The company’s managing director and automotive engineer Lukas Domogalla told Charoudin that after only taking delivery of the supercar a week ago, it had already developed a pair of engine upgrade programs that raise the power levels of the Black Series’ 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine to as much as 1,001 horsepower and 1,111 horsepower.

Opus Just Proved That The AMG GT Black Series Can Be Even More Extreme
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The tuner created programs with extensive modifications made to the AMG’s twin-turbo V-8 engine. The turbochargers were modified and specific parts, including the pistons, connecting rods, cylinder heads, and fuel systems, were either replaced, strengthened, or modified. Domogalla also told Charoudin that the supercar’s torque figures were kept in check at all power levels. Because of the high output and the rear-wheel-drive layout of the AMG GT Black Series, keeping the torque figures at the bare minimum will improve traction and the supercar’s overall drivability.

The AMG GT Black Series’ seven-speed dual-clutch transmission was also reinforced to accommodate the changes. Less powerful programs are also being developed, including an 825-horsepower kit that actualized solely through software remapping of the engine control unit.

Opus Just Proved That The AMG GT Black Series Can Be Even More Extreme
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Opus also focused on improving the soundtrack of the AMG GT Black Series. Newly developed downpipes with sport cats will be available sometime around April 2021.

In the meantime, the tuner is already offering an electronic flap control system that allows the standard exhaust flaps to be actuated using only a remote control

Despite being in the Nurburgring, the tuner is still in the process of testing the AMG GT Black Series Binary Edition. Test runs in the Green Hell and other racetracks are scheduled to take place ahead of the program’s expected June 2021 release.

Final Thoughts

Opus Just Proved That The AMG GT Black Series Can Be Even More Extreme
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Opus Automotive is a relative newbie to the aftermarket tuning scene, but the tuner has already mastered the art of making headlines. A Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series that packs over 1,000 horsepower makes for big headlines, and while the tuner hasn’t finished the full contents of its tuning program for the mighty AMG, we’re already assured that these Binary Edition models will be all sorts of special when all the contents of the program are identified.

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