Yes, hard on the heels of the word that Ford doesn’t intend to try to make Lincoln an international brand comes word that Ford intends to make Lincoln an international brand.
Say, what?
Ford has an international brand. It’s called Volvo. It had a couple more, Aston Martin comes immediately to mind. Technically, it still has Jaguar and Land Rover, though it seems to be trying to sell them to the Indian government protected Tata, presumably because the Chinese aren’t interested. But, Jaguar and Land Rover are both international brands.
But, here’s the scoop:
Ford now wants to make Lincoln an international brand. According to Autoblog, the guy Ford “stole” from Toyota is thinking that Ford can do what Lexus has done in international markets, such as China.
Herd mentaility. Lexus hasn’t done much in China. Hell, they only started using that nameplate in Japan a year ago. And the Chinese hate the Japanese – with good reason. Moreover, being an international brand is something never before accomplished with the Lincoln brand. But, because they’re doing it, we should do it. 
Wow. This is what Ford got when they hired Mr. Boeing, the same man that let Airbus beat them out with the 880.
Who knew that “me too” constituted a business plan?

General Motors makes a car called the Cadillac, which it is attempting to create as an international car. Hence, GM has scored home runs in Europe selling the BLS, based on a Saab platform. What? The BLS was a sales dog in Europe. Oh. 
But, no matter. To be a competitor in the United States, it is necessary for a semi-luxury car – which is all that anything Ford has made since the Continental Mark II has ever been – to seem to be a German car, just like the CTS tries to be a –
well, I was about to say it tries to be a C Class or a 3 Series.
But, it doesn’t. It doesn’t even pretend to.
And I have a confession . . .
I’m beginning to be pulled in by the CTS.
It’s not the chick from the Housewives and she talks about the car turning you on. As in zero to sixty in six seconds.
Well, yes. That did get my attention. But it was the zero to sixty time. (Car guy. Whadday want.)
Now, you should know that I’ve had four Cadillacs, and that I’ve never had a Ford product that didn’t dump something incredibly expensive. So, I’m not a Ford fan and I cannot imagine the circumstances that would lead me to purchase one of their products new. A ’61 Continental four door convertible. You bet. But a new Lincoln. No way, ever. 
There is something about the chemistry at Ford that builds cheap cars. The original Mustang was sexy, but mechanically it was junk. I had one of those. I had an SHO. Fool me twice, my fault. Never again. I had to pay for the second clutch on the SHO. Because it was the same as the one they used on the Escort, a car with a third the torque as the SHO. When they replaced the first one at 15,000 miles, they put in the same one as had failed. When that failed at 30,000 miles, they wouldn’t pay for a new one, despite the fact that they’d now produced an upgraded part to solve the problem.
Bitter. You bet.
It is no coincidence that they make very few Lincoln hearses.

Nobody wants to be caught dead in a Ford product.

But, I am warming to the CTS.

Not because it’s international. Those German cars are overpriced. To small, too expensive, and you’ll need alms for the poor if you ever have to replace any component that’s not in warranty. That’s why the German and Japanese luxury car manufacturers have been obliged to support their used cars with certified programs. Anyone with a brain ain’t touching one of those mechanical disasters waiting to happen otherwise.
But, that CTS is beginning to appeal.

Yes, it is a V-6. That’s really hard. I don’t trust sixes.
Maybe I could adjust.
Just maybe.
But, it’s a Cadillac.
No one every referred to something as the “Lincoln of _________.”
For a reason.

What do you think?
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  (68) posted on 11.16.2007

I agree with Tango. Also....Cadillac hitting a homerun in Europe??? More like a foul ball (I did not say strike!). This bashing on anything that is not GM is as annoying as all those tabloids bashing Britney Spears.

tango  (372) posted on 11.15.2007

Hang on there Ralph. The Chinese hate the Japanese? And with good reason? When is it ever a good reason to hate anybody? By the same token how should the Palestinians feel about the Israelis? How should the Vietnamese feel about the Americans? Not a good line of thought at all. Oh, and while I’m at it...Airbus makes an A380...not an 880.

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