That’s a very sad sight for car fanatics

Some performance happen to come with their fate written. More often than not, they are involved in high-speed crashes. But, sometimes, they are wasted even before they hit the roads.

A couple of drool-worthy 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500s are the latest fatalities in this case. The cars were being transported when the trailer carrying them spun out and threw them on their sides. Interestingly, one of the owners belongs to the Ford clan. How about that now?

Once Upon A Time, There Used To Be Two Shiny GT500s…

The incident happened on the Detroit highway Interstate 75 when the trailer carrying two Mustang Shelby GT500s spun, flipped, and fell on the road in a precarious situation. What baffles me is that Ford didn’t even bother to transport these exotic cars in a wooden box or a covered trailer. Perhaps the damage could’ve been contained to an extent. Not a lot of information has come to light, but we’re guessing no one was injured in this mishap; which is the only good thing about the whole incident.

Sequel of Ford v Ferrari – Ford v Carrier Driver

That's Juan way to ruin someone's day..

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One of the owners happens to be a member of the Ford family – the great-great-grandson of Henry Ford himself.

I can already imagine Henry Ford face-palming himself from the heavens screaming FML! One of two GT500s was a green model with a black wing on the boot. As it turns out, that’s part of the Carbon Fiber Track Package worth $18,500. The cars still had their wrap and pre-delivery stickers in place, which means they were probably being transported to the dealerships. Or, perhaps, they were being sent from one location to another to be fitted with optional packages or to get special paint jobs. The $10,000 stripes, maybe?

The GT500 Is Valued A Lot More Than Its MSRP

Ford Performance Kicks Off Its New East Cost Racing School With a Program Exclusive to the Shelby Mustang GT500
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In the end, we’re looking at a ruckus of over $150,000 in total.

The damage doesn’t seem unrepairable, but it still hurts to see performance cars get more than just a boo-boo. Now, these news are even more painful because around the same time, there are some dealerships that have jacked up the prices of the GT500 that they have in stock.

Autoblog brought some examples to light wherein dealers are demanding up to $169,999 for a GT500. The car starts under $74,000 and even if you equip it with all the options available, the price doesn’t exceed $110,000. So, this markup is purely based on the exclusivity, desirability, and demand of the product.

It’s not even something new, actually. Performance cars are the budget supercars and have fairly high demand when compared to the latter. So, markup is not uncommon, especially considering that people have the extra amount to splurge on these cars. It still costs less than a supercar.

What Powers The GT500?

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
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Speaking of the GT500, it returned earlier this year to the auto scene after a five-year hiatus.

It comes packed with a new 5.2-liter, V-8 supercharged mill that makes 760 horsepower and 625 pound-feet of torque. It also features a lot of improved and bits and bobs stuff like weight-saving wire-arc cylinder liners, aluminum cylinder heads, and larger forged connecting rods. The driveshaft is made of carbon-fiber and stoping/slowing down duties are taken care of by a set of Brembo brakes.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 specifications
Engine Size 5.2-liter
Forded Induciton Super Only
Horsepower 760 hp
Torque 625 LB-FT
Top Speed 180 mph
Weight 4,225 LBS

Final Thoughts

Ouch: Pickup Truck Crashes on Detroit Highway, Destroys Two Shelby GT500s in the Process
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When carrying such exquisite cars, the dispatcher, as well as the carrier, need to be extra careful. It could’ve been due to some mishap that wasn’t in the driver’s control, but we’re talking about a six-digit loss just for two cars. Do you think packing the cars properly could’ve saved them from the damage? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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