It’s a great holiday gift at a time when we need great holiday gifts

Christmas is around the corner, and with the coronavirus pandemic crippling our abilities to go out and do some holiday shopping the traditional way, going the online route has become the more popular route to address our holiday shopping needs.

One item that we have our eyes on is suited for children and adults alike. It’s the SPESXFUN 2020 1/14 scale, high-speed remote control car that you can buy now for a fraction of its price. On top of seeing the excited face of the person you give this gift to, this remote control off-road truck can be bought for just under $40. That’s a sweet deal for a holiday present that’s going to make you the star of your household.

What am I getting with my money here?

The SPESXFUN 2020 remote control race car comes with a pair of built-in motors that allow the racer to reach speeds of as much as nine to 16 mph, making it one of the fastest remote control race cars in its price point.

The SPESXFUN RC racer is also built from high-quality ABS plastic and metal materials and the four large anti-slip wheels that are connected by shockproof springs.

Our Favorite Entry-Level RC Car Is Super Cheap Right Now!
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On the visual side, it looks like a cross between a hot rod, a rally car, and a monster truck.

The massive wheels steal the show, but the decals and liveries also give it a menacing look. There’s even a massive spoiler at the back and while that’s probably there simply for vanity purposes, it does accomplish that goal. It’s the same story with the rally-style spotlights on top of the roof. Those don’t work, but they do look good.

The package also includes a pair of rechargeable battery packs. Each pack can be sued around for 20 to 30 minutes continuously, and when the batteries run out of juice, you can charge them courtesy of the USB line that comes with the car. Just find an adapter and an outlet and you’re ready to charge.

Our Favorite Entry-Level RC Car Is Super Cheap Right Now!
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You don’t need to be a child or an adult to enjoy the SPESXFUN 1/14 scale race car. If you’re going to buy this item as a holiday present for someone, then prepare to get tons of hugs and thank yous.

The remote control race car is available from $39.99 so you can even buy multiple copies and have a grand time racing them in your backyard.

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