If you live in a town where everyone owns Prius and Volvos, buing a Hummer might not be such a good idea. There will allways be angry people who think that saving the planet is the most important thing.

This is what happened to Gareth Groves, a 32 years-old man from Northwest Washington who decided to buy his dream car, a Hummer H2. The problem was that the car was to tall for his garage and he needed to let it out, next to the Prius in the area. Well wasn’t such a good idea! The man enjoyed the car only for five days.

Two masked men took a bat to every window, a knife to each 38-inch tire and scratched into the body: "FOR THE ENVIRON."

"The thought of somebody vandalizing it never crossed my mind," said Gareth.

Neighbor Lucille Liem, 37, who owns a Prius hybrid, said that a common sentiment in the neighborhood is that large vehicles are impractical and a strain on the Earth — and Hummers in particular are a symbol of consumer excess.

"The neighborhood in general is very concerned with the environment," said Liem, whose Prius gets about 48 miles a gallon compared with the Hummer’s 14 miles a gallon. "It’s more liberal leaning. It’s ridiculous to be driving a Hummer."

Source: Washington Post

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AK47  (1024) posted on 07.22.2008

It doesn’t matter what neighbourhood you live in, everyone is allowed to drive what they want. I would have probably thrown those enviromentalists a beating or slept with their wives if they did that to my car.
Whats funny is that this happened in America.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.22.2008

thats dumb

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