Packard’s owners, the former legendary automobile brand, are ready to revive the company and intend to sell it for just $1.5 million. As a benchmark, Packard was very famous during the ‘20s, especially for being the first automaker to make a V12 engine, the “Twin-Six” in a production car.

For any potential buyer interested in this brand you should know that for the price of $1.5 million you receive all the rights to the 106-year old company as well as engineering designs, tools, spare parts and supplier information. As a bonus the buyer would also get a 1998 Packard prototype saloon, complete with an all-aluminum V12 engine and traditional chrome grille.

The owners have tried to revitalize the brand since the ‘90s, showing it during several major shows but they never reached the investment desired. Even so, it seems that the are some companies very interested in closing a deal for the Packard brand and they are running some advanced discussion.

Despite the fact that big automakers are trying to refresh and give new looks to the old models like Challenger and Camaro, we are facing a growing interest in the long-forgotten brands, especially from names like Bugatti, Daimler Moto Company and even from the Packard’s first competitor, Duesenberg.

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Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 08.6.2008

Wow, for the price of a Bugatti Veyron I can have my own legendary car brand - sign me up, although my check my bounce.

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