The Pagani Huayra is one of the most exclusive supercars money can buy. The company founded by Horaccio Pagani produces these masterpieces of automobile design and engineering on a small scale. In year, Pagani is able to deliver just about a handful of cars.

The Huayra is made to order keeping in mind individual customer preference. Pagani would do all types of exterior finishes, leather and carbon fiber. After you’ve confirmed the order and the payment made, Pagani starts building the car. That takes quite a bit of time.

However, now if you wish to own a Pagani Huayra and haven’t got the patience to wait for at least a year to take delivery, you can checkout the used car market. One such Huayra finished in pearl white over carbon fiber is up for sale in Dubai. The asking price for this exclusive hypercar is $1.7 million.

The car seems to be in great condition with just 373 miles on the odometer. The interior is finished in white and black leather with a substantial expanse of naked carbon fiber. Most of the car’s rigid monocoque is built using layers of carbon fiber. Certain mechanical components are made out of magnesium and titanium.

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Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra put up for sale in Dubai Exterior
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The Pagani Huayra is the brainchild of the Horaccio Pagani who also created the Zonda. A small car maker based out of Italy, Pagani is known for his designs and the attention to detail. With the Huayra, Horaccio Pagani took a step further and created a car that in all respects is a truly great automobile.

The Huayra is based around a carbon-titanium monocoque and uses exotic metals in its construction. Even the way carbon fiber sheets are woven is unique to Pagani. Then comes the intricate layering process where the weave off the material is matched on every part made.

The interior of the car is nothing short of an art gallery. The materials you touch and feel are all real. There is leather, aluminium, magnesium, titanium and what have you. Even the key is milled out of a solid block of aluminium.

Pagani Huayra put up for sale in Dubai Interior
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It is an insane car this. And powering the "God of wind" is an AMG built 7.3-liter V-12 with twin-turbochargers. The engine is built specifically for the Huayra. No other car in world uses the same engine or its components. The top speed of this thing is way above 200 mph and the sprint from 0-60 mph is done in under 3 seconds.

Of course, all of this performance is courtesy of the 700 horsepower and 730 pound-feet of torque the engine produces. The gearbox is single-clutch, sequential seven-speed with paddles as well as conventional stick shift. The stick shift is yet another over-engineered pieces in the Huayra puzzle. In my mind, it is well worth the $1.7 million asking price.

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