It’s been more than three months since Pagani began testing a more hardcore version of the Huayra, and the Italians have finally confirmed that a new supercar is underway. Unfortunately, the announcement only came in the form of a teaser, and while the image is pretty artsy, the vehicle is still wearing its strange QC-code-pattern camouflage.

The three images seen here were published on Facebook between Christmas and New Year’s and all have one thing in common: a Huayra with a massive rear wing. Since the standard car didn’t receive such an aerodynamic element, it’s only safe to assume that the vehicle we’re looking at is an improved, faster version of Pagani’s current supercar. How fast? Well, we don’t have actual figures to run by, but given the fact that the regular supercar needs about three seconds to hit 60 mph and tops out at 230 mph, the proper term is "holy cow!"

Pagani has yet to reveal whether this new model will get a power increase or if the improvements will be the result of enhanced aerodynamics, but we do know that the winger Huayra will be released in limited numbers. The Italian shop plans to build only 20 units, all of which will only be sold to Huayra clients. This will make it not only extremely exclusive, but also incredibly expensive. Given that a Huayra can fetch around $2 million, the limited-edition supercar could cost close to $4 million depending on options.

The only hint we received with the latest teaser is the "#huayrabc" hashtag, which might suggest that the supercar could be called Huayra BC. However, it is not yet known what BC stands for and it could be just a marketing scheme rather than a moniker. We should find out more about it soon enough, as the supercar will most likely be revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show this March.

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Why it matters

When you look at the spec sheet of the Huayra, it’s hard to believe that Pagani can build a significantly faster machine. Fortunately for us gearheads, it can be done, and the Italians aren’t shy about turning their latest product into something faster and more desirable. Truth be told, Pagani actually needs a more hardcore supecar, as the 100-unit run of the standard Huayra has been sold out and the roadster version is still at least a year away.

The winged, limited-edition Huayra is just the next logical step in this supecar’s life cycle. As it did with the Zonda, Pagani will also build a number of variations based on the Huayra, with this model teased here being only the beginning. That’s great news for both supercar enthusiasts and car collectors, especially when you look at models such as the Zonda R and Zonda Revolucion. Granted, the #huayrabc won’t be a track-only supercar like the Zonda R, but rest assured that such a variant will follow sooner than later. Meanwhile, have a look at the photos in the gallery section and make sure you stick around for more info on the most hardcore Huayra yet.

Pagani Huayra

2011 Pagani Huayra High Resolution Exterior
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Source: Pagani

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