Remember John Schnatter’s – the founder of Papa John’s Pizza – thoroughly planned mission to find his long lost 1971 ½ Chevrolet Camaro Z28?

Well, ever since he found it – or should we say, paid more than $250,000 to buy it back from the previous owner in Kentucky - it seems that Schnatter has taken generosity to a whole new level.

If you recall, Schnatter celebrated his reunion with his long lost love by giving away free pizzas to all Camaro owners in the US last August 26. A few months later, Schnatter is at it again. This time, he created a little 1:64 scale replica of his Z28, which he plans to sell for $4.99 a pop. What makes it really cool is that each toy comes with a coupon for a free medium cheese pizza, and in addition to that, Schnatter will also donate $1 to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation for every purchase of his new toy.

That’s not all. Apart from the proceeds generated by sales of the toy car, Schnatter also donated about 5,000 of the said cars directly to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

We don’t know if Schnatter’s reunion with his ’71 ½ Camaro Z28 opened up his philanthropic side, but if that were the case, we’re glad that it did. It’s a supremely nice gesture from a guy that knows how to treat his customers well.

Kudos to you John Schnatter.


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  (534) posted on 01.17.2010

Also count my kudos for John Schnatter. On this generation, its kinda rare to see people who have a good heart and to donate a lot on a charity, I think this person will be blessed.

  (815) posted on 12.8.2009

Mr. John Schnatter is the man. He is selling his toy car models that are almost real, but none of the sales will go to him. For sure something better will come back to him, a good karma that is.

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