John Schnatter’s long lost love has finally returned. Thanks to a few helpful souls, Schnatter, the founder of the pizza chain Papa John, was reunited with his 1971 ½ Chevrolet Camaro Z28, a car he sold 26 years ago to help his father save the family business and also allowed him to start his pizza chain.

After turning Papa Johns into one of the biggest pizza chains in the world, it seemed that Schnatter had everything he wanted at the palm of his hands, except for his long-lost Camaro.

After decades of tiring searches – which included Schatter hiring an ex- FBI agent to search for the car and launching a promotion to search for the car with a reward of $250,000 - the car was eventually found somewhere in Flatwoods, Kentucky and was now owned by Jeffrey Robinson.

Fortunately for the Schnatter’s beloved Z28, Robinson took great care of the car - even fine-tuning the car’s engine that now pumps out 825 horsepower –but also kept most of the original details intact. As you can expect, Schnatter willingly paid Robinson the promised $250,000 just so he could be reunited with the car he last saw drove off on his father’s driveway 26 years ago.

If that isn’t enough, Schnatter has also promised that all Camaro owners will receive a free pizza on August 26. So might we suggest that if you have a Camaro sitting in your garage right now, make sure to drop by a Papa Johns pizza chain on the 26th to claim your free pizza.


Source: MSNBC

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