No, it is not a joke! If you do not have a place to park, try the internet, or better use your cell phone or other handheld devices you might have to reserve a space in a garage or locate nearby street parking.

Tod Dykstra, Streetline’s Founder and CEO said that they are now available, just a matter of deploying it. So, soon parking will be the easiest part of the driving in the city. ISn’t that a really good news?

The new parking technology uses sensors to monitor parking spaces on the street and can tell instantly whether they are vacant or in use. Occupancy data can be easily integrated with pay stations and workforce management systems. Installation is fast, simple and inexpensive, and requires no wiring on the street.

Our solution helps everyone, said Tod Dykstra. Cities reduce congestion and unclog their downtowns, while increasing the number of people who can visit conveniently. We won’t need to build new garages, because we’ll be getting that much more capacity out of the existing stock. And there’ll be more available curbside parking for drivers-eventually, you’ll be able find a spot on the street using your cell phone or car navigation system.

Many cities strapped for cash and cutting valuable services are actually identifying less than 5% of the parking overstays that occur each day, leaving streets clogged and parking unavailable for shorter term use. At the same time, drivers need a better way to find available parking in town, to eliminate the “cruising” and hunting that create excess congestion and pollution.

Donald Shoup, the world’s foremost authority on parking policy, and a member of Streetline’s Advisory Board, noted that "Parking is a key link between transportation and better land use. Streetline has designed an ingenious system that will manage curb parking, improve transportation, and earn substantial revenue to finance neighborhood public investments."

You can allready go online and reserve a spot in certain garages, but web-enabled parking is about to spread across the USA. This summer, drivers in the 30 largest U.S. cities will be able to use their cell phones to check which garages have space available, make a reservation and get directions.

The inspiration for Streetline came from a unique collaboration between founders of City CarShare, a non-profit car sharing business, and Dust Networks, the leader in reliable low-power sensor networks. Streetline’s mission extends to the management of other crucial city applications in addition to parking, using the reliable, low-power wireless mesh products developed at Dust.

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