Computer helps you to park

The Mercedes Benz CL range to offer new parking assist system that helps park the car into parking bays at the side of the road.

Parking assist now available in the Mercedes CL.

Automatic Parking Assist systems are beginning to show up everywhere now, especially in the high end marketplace, Mercedes Benz have now added this hi tech toy to the CL range as an optional extra.

So how does it work? The car has clever side mounted radar sensors that start to scan the road side when the speed of the car drops to below 40 kilometres per hour, while scanning to the side the sensor is measuring the gaps and when a gap or space is detected then the on board computer checks for suitability, which is size etc, if this is ok the computer will display a large blue “P” in the dashboard display which indicates to the driver that the space is ok for the car to get into. If the driver wants to park in that particular spot then the car is stopped, the driver will select reverse and on the display screen a animated image appears that show the driver when and how to turn the car, the lines displayed are in red and green all the driver has to do is keep the lines together and follow the guide until the acoustic sound and display have finished operating the car should be parked safely and without any problems, of course the system should be used in conjunction with the driver using common sense and looking around too.

This system is available now on the Mercedes - Benz CL range of cars.

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