We don’t care if you have a Ferrari, a Rolls Royce, or even a Bugatti. It doesn’t excuse me from hogging up more than you need for a parking space, especially when these are the kinds of things that a lot of people get arguments about.

Apparently, the driver of this Rolls Royce Phantom thinks that just because he has six-figure ride, it entitles him to have three parking spaces. We’d let it slide if he covered two spaces and attribute it to a flawed sense of his surroundings. But three spaces? And it looks like he didn’t even bat an eyelash as to how he parked his Rolls.

We hate to say it – and believe us, it’s happened in the past – but this is the kind of thing that leads to cars being scratched. And God forbid that it happens to this Phantom...

There’s a thing called courtesy, buddy. You might want to use it from time to time.


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  (504) posted on 08.22.2010

Lol another parking FAIL!. Rich guys are really a douchebags...

  (504) posted on 03.17.2010

Well that’s the problem with rich guys, they think if they own a million super car they can park it anywhere and any how.

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