Parking tickets rise 100% every year in UK

Parking tickets rise 100% every year in UK
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Owning a car in the UK is getting every day more expensive, with the congestion charges and registration taxes getting higher and higher. But this doesn’t seem to end here for the English drivers since a new report shows that is becoming almost impossible to find free parking spaces. During the last 6 years there was registered a rise of 100% every year for a parking ticket.

According the annual report delivered by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, during 2006-2007 there were issued more than 3.5 million parking tickets compared to only 800 000 just 5 years earlier. The total revenue from all the issued tickets amounted to more than £214 million ($428 million), all going directly to local council coffers.

But this amount is relative, taking in consideration that it only cumulates the tickets issued by parking agents. If we sum this with the tickets issued by the police, the final amount arrives at more than 8 milliontickets and up to $960 millions in fines.

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MadTourist  (48) posted on 04.3.2008

Jeez...will it ever end!?

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