Whether it’s through photos or videos, there’s nothing redeeming about seeing a supercar like a Lamborghini Gallardo being unceremoniously victimized by a car crash.

But pictures – or in this case, a video – rarely lies. Taken by a passerby who presumably got a little too curious about the police lights and the gathering crowd, it shows a silver Gallardo that crashed head-first into a tree at the Shepherd Bush’s district in London. There’s no word as to how the Gallardo crashed but we’ve seen so many of these type of car crashes to intelligently assume that the driver was probably going a little too fast for his own good.

And as is often the case when somebody pushes a supercar a little too hard, it ends up biting the dust far too sooner than anyone would have liked.


Source: YouTube

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  (780) posted on 03.17.2010

Mark_Kamarov, I agree with you dude. It has a touch of ferrari GTO

  (344) posted on 03.10.2010

Well, that is what mostly happens to hot cars (as such) tends to forget that even though you have a great car like this, you are still not a racer. Although to be behind such a powerful car can be addictive and the power is just so infective, one still shouldn’t forget that what we have doesn’t say who we are. But I guess in this case it says he’s a rich dude who cant drive well.

  (544) posted on 03.8.2010

dang I feel dizzy watching this video. well i guess the gallardo didn’t crash that hard.

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