As kids, we all had all sorts of dreams about when we grew up. Ranging from the standard – doctor, lawyer, or police officer - to the absurd – professional wrestler – all of us wanted to be something.

For those of you who wanted to build your own supercar, your dreams are about to become reality, provided, of course, you have some resources to make the purchase.

Coming out of the land where anything and everything seems to be for sale is the patent design of an upstart American supercar company called Vollari. For every Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani, there are ventures like Vollari that end up crashing to the ground before it even gets a chance to lift off. Sad, but true.

The people behind Vollari are selling the design rights, including design patents, copyrights, blueprints, 3D CAD data, a website, and even a prototype for the car, all at a fraction of the $450,000 Vollari spent on the venture.

So if you’ve got enough moolah in your hands, not to mention, the patience, determination, and fortitude to pick up where Vollari left off, you may end up realizing your childhood fantasies after all. It’s going to be difficult given the current economic conditions that we’re in, but hey, if other people were able to do it, who’s to say you can’t?


Source: Ebay Motors

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  (445) posted on 03.9.2011

Now why would they want to sell patent designs at eBay? I was thinking that they would do this more like a high profile corporate deal. But then again, the one who gets this one would certainly be very lucky.

  (206) posted on 10.13.2010

If I was SSC, Koenigsegg, or some other small supercar company I would so do so and sell it as my 458 Italia competitor. My "high volume" supercar.

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