The widely anticipated convertible version of the Toyota GT 86 has become a real conversation piece for a lot of folks in the industry. It’s not so much the expectations of following up the popularity of the coupe model as it is the prospective look of the convertible when it has all of its faculties in order.

Recently, Toyota Europe filed renderings of the GT-86 Open Top Concept for patent application and the fine folks over at Car and Driver managed to dig up black and white renderings of the car.

For one, the cloth-top roof is fully closed, revealing what the car would look like in that particular guise. We gotta say, it looks similar, but there’s a noticeable difference to the coupe, particularly on how the cloth roof looks a little more flat than the hard roof of the coupe model.

Perhaps the difference is in the eye of the beholder, something that we freely admit could be the case. But as far as we’re concerned, the convertible looks sexier than the coupe, if these filings do in fact point to the production version of the former.

In any case, separating the two is a matter of aesthetics, considering that the convertible is expected to receive the same 200-horsepower 2.0-liter in-line-four engine that the coupe model already has.

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Toyota GT 86 Open Top Concept

2013 Toyota FT 86 Open Top Concept High Resolution Exterior
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First introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, the GT 86 Open Top Concept was shown to give the public a first look at the convertible version of the GT 86. And judging by the initial response and the clamoring that ensued, we’d say that it was mission accomplished for the Japanese automaker.

The GT 86 Convertible is expected to carry the same features as its coupe cousin with a few notable exceptions, particularly the use of the cloth roof. But that’s a difference that can be attributed to its overall makeup as a convertible.

In any case, there’s already a significant population that will be ready to line up and place orders once Toyota releases the GT 86 Convertible. All that’s left is to find out when the automaker will send the car to dealerships.

Source: Car and Driver

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