The late actor’s estate has settled with the man they claim lifted a significant number of sought-after cars

He who tries to take advantage of another man’s misfortune will eventually get his comeuppance. That’s exactly what happened to Richard Taylor, the man who was accused of “illegally removing” over 30 of Paul Walker’s car collection less than 24 hours after the Fast and Furious star’s untimely death in 2013.
Taylor and Paul Walker’s estate reached a settlement to take back control of a significant portion of the collection after the estate filed a lawsuit against Taylor last year, claiming that he hid the cars and refused to tell Walker’s family where he stowed them as a way to try to extort money from the estate. The lengthy legal battle eventually reached its resolution when the two sides amicably settled, prompting the Los Angeles Superior Court to dismiss the lawsuit.

Details of the settlement have been kept confidential, but a lawyer from the Walker family confirmed that one of the agreements between the two sides was the return of the missing cars from the collection back to its owner, or at least in this case, to Walker’s estate.

The settlement brings to an end one of the most surreal episodes that came out after Walker’s tragic death and that the late actor’s missing cars – a 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a 2008 BMW M3, a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, a 2004 GMC truck, and three 1995 BMW M3s, are all finding its way home.

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Why it matters

While it’s unclear how many vehicles will be returned to Walker’s family, I can’t help but feel upset at how Richard Taylor handled himself in the aftermath of Walker’s death. It’s one thing to be brazen; it’s another thing to be callous, especially when it comes to taking something that belonged to someone who had just died in the most tragic way imaginable. I can’t wrap my head around that scenario.

Now that the cars are headed to back to Walker’s family, nobody has indicated what kind of fate these cars will have. Remember, a significant number of Walker’s car collection has already been auctioned off in 2014. There’s no telling what will happen to these cars, but I wouldn’t put it past Walker’s family to have them auctioned off as well at a future date.

I’m not one to dictate what the family should do these cars, but if I were them, I wouldn’t sell it in the short term. I’d keep them for as long as I can and then when the time comes that I decide to sell them, I’d make sure that they go to people who know Walker so they can be taken cared of properly. It’s one way to honor his memory, although I wouldn’t mind if they end up being auctioned off as well as long as the proceeds go to one of his advocacies or even to The Paul Walker Foundation.

Whatever happens to them, it’s nice to see that, for now, they’re going back to his estate. He may not be around to welcome them back, but rest assured, he’s happy that they’re going home.

Source: The Drive

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