Now, here’s a promotion that will be hard to turn down.

Pearl Motor Yachts, a British yacht company, is enticing customers with a one-of-a-kind offer that is too good to be true – if you have money, that is.
The company is selling their Pearl 60 yachts with one pretty sick add-on: a free Bentley Continental GT Coupe.

You read that right. A Bentley Continental GT Coupe. Before we start questioning the sanity of these guys, let’s first consider the situation the entire industry is in. The current recession has caused the sale of luxury items to take a hit and as a result, these businesses have tried to find alternate means on how to sell their products to a market that is increasingly drying up. The folks over at Pearl motor Yachts decided that a free Bentley, which by itself, costs around $200,000, would be the way to go.

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Of course, if you want to get the free luxury car, you’re going to have to buy a Pearl 60 yacht first. The price tag for the luxury boat comes in around $1.4 million, which if you have atrociously deep pockets, doesn’t sound like that much of a big deal.

The tie-up between the two British luxury brands was born because of the two companies’ similar markets: the rich and the richer. According to Ian Smallridge, Pearl Motor Yachts’ managing director, many of his customers also bear a deep infatuation with British car brand, which makes the tie-up even more appealing.

So there you go. If you have a ‘million and 5’ to spare, you have until September 20 to decide if you want to buy a Pearl 60 yacht and let’s be honest, that free Bentley Continental GT Coupe is one pretty sick deal to pass up.

Source: Boating Business

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  (477) posted on 02.7.2010

Not a bad deal. A bentley Continental GT Coupe is not that expensive compared to the yacht. If they will be able to get people buy their Pearl yachts and give away a good car, they will still earn a lot of money as those boats costs millions compared to Bentley which is only at about a quarter of a million.

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