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Okay, I don’t know what the guys over at Mercedes were smoking when the greenlit the design of the Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV (Not that it’s an SUV, really) but just like everyone else in the world we’re not to keen on the overall design. In fairness, the front end isn’t bad, but the overall shape is about as ugly as they come. Well, Peisert design was a bit disappointed too, and that’s exactly why you’re looking at the rendering here. Peisert Design too the new Maybach and reshaped the rear end to make it look like a true-to-life SUV. And, it looks amazing.

In the end, Mercedes should take some notes from the rendering here. After seeing all the horrible comments all over the internet about the new Ultimate Luxury “SUV,” it really makes you wonder how things are going over there at headquarters. Either way, feast your eyes on what the Ultimate Luxury SUV should have been, then try to forget that it doesn’t exist in this form.


2018 Mercedes-Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury Exterior
- image 778320

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- image 743625

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