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The 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette is almost here! After more than five decades of teasers and concepts, the Bow Tie is finally offering its iconic American sports car with a mid-engine layout, so it’s understandable that the hype train is now running at full steam. Chevy recently dropped a gallon of high-test into the mix by announcing the C8 would make its big debut on July 18th, and diehard fans are piecing together every scrap of info out there to figure out what’s in store. Plenty of folks also wanna know what the final production C8 will look like, so we’ve gathered up a few of our favorite renderings right here for your approval, all courtesy of MidEngineCorvetteForum.com.

The Renderings

Orange Crush

People Can't Quit Rendering the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette and We Love It
- image 836851

Our first rendering is an updated version of an image that shows General Motors CEO Mary Barra standing next to the C8 with one of the front doors open. While the original image shows the ‘Vette in the usual black-and-white camo, the updated image drapes the mid-engine coupe in a searing shade of Orange Crush, while fleshing out the remainder of the front fascia.

The recoloring helps us pick out individual styling elements, including the flared sections around the doors that lead into intakes placed just ahead of the rear wheel arches. Behind Barra, you can also see the subtle trunk lid spoiler a bit better.

People Can't Quit Rendering the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette and We Love It
- image 836942

The front end reminds us of a mashup between the C7 Corvette and the LaFerrari, with a pointed nose section that draws back into massively flared front wheel arches. The front intake comes with prominent aero blade elements, as well as a large lower chin spoiler finished in matte black.

The headlights are longer than those in the original image, and come with the LED daytime running lights arranged in a drawn-back style similar to what we’ve seen in previous teaser images. The side view mirrors look slimmer and more aero-friendly as well.

Finally, the artist included full renderings for the wheel and tire package, plus the brake calipers behind it.

Dark Grey Staredown

People Can't Quit Rendering the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette and We Love It
- image 836852

Our next rendering shows the C8 ‘Vette’s front end in much more detail, including numerous sinewy character lines that lead from the sharp, pointed fascia back to the steeply raked windshield. The shape of the daytime running lights is also in full effect here, while the folded sections of the lower aero bits can be seen at the bottom of the image.

Beyond all the details, the C8’s hourglass shape is much more noticeable with this rendering, with the flared front fenders dipping in towards the doors before flaring out once again into a flat rear deck. Also notice that large rear spoiler, which is divided into three sections to maximize the extra rear-end stick it provides at speed.

Lean, Green, And Mean

People Can't Quit Rendering the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette and We Love It
- image 836853

Finally, we have this very viridescent ‘Vette rendered from another front three-quarters view. From here, we can easily make out the C8’s large front intake, which includes a dominant section towards the middle that’s blocked off for improved aero. Look at it sideways, and it looks a bit like the new front end on the 2019 Chevy Camaro, albeit with more styling lines and aero blades.

A Fresh Look To Preview What Lies Beneath

People Can't Quit Rendering the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette and We Love It Exterior Spyshots
- image 794051

Obviously, the big headline with the C8 is the mid-engine powertrain layout, which is a huge change for the traditionally front-engine Corvette.

Not only does the new layout bring the ‘Vette more in line with the usual crop of European exotics and top-rung racing cars, but it also means all-new styling as well.

One glance is all that’s needed to see that the C8 is indeed a whole new breed for Chevy. The proportions are much more evenly balanced than the nose-heavy, cab-back C7, offering up a much shorter hood line and a much longer tail section.

1969 Chevrolet Corvette 427/430 L88 Exterior
- image 639511


While the Corvette’s styling has definitely become more swoopy and sharper with every successive generation, the C8 will prove to be the biggest break from tradition yet. Placing the C8 and hugely popular C3 Stingray side by side, it’s damn near impossible to find any DNA between them.

However, as previously mentioned, the new styling brings with it oodles of performance benefits. Not only will the mid-engine layout help with handling and weight distribution, but it’ll also improve aerodynamics is a big way.

What’s Inside The Cabin?

While we don’t have any new interior renderings for you, we do have a pretty good idea what it’ll look like thanks to a host of spy images.

As before, passengers will sit low in heavily bolstered sports seats, gripping a new steering wheel design with twin spokes that look like a mirrored image of the “crossed flags” Corvette badge. Shift paddles can be found at the side of the steering wheel just behind the spokes.

Running down the spine of the cabin is a wide center console, which comes with a line of raised hard buttons along its outer edge. The C8 will offer a combination of analog and digital readouts, plus a sizable touchscreen mounted horizontally in the dash, and a heads-up display unit that projects pertinent info onto the windshield. For the tunes, expect 14-speaker audio.

Finally, because of the new mid-engine layout, the C8 ‘Vette will offer very little in terms cargo space, although the front trunk (“frunk”) will help out with space for a few golf bags.

The Heart Of The Matter

People Can't Quit Rendering the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette and We Love It Exterior Spyshots
- image 793936

The biggest question of the them all is this - what will the C8 Corvette bring for its engine configuration?

There are a number of rumors out there, but right now, it’s looking like the entry-level C8 will come with an updated version of the current LT1 powerplant. That means a V-8 layout with 6.2 liters of displacement, all of which produces upwards of 500 naturally aspirated horsepower.

Beyond that, the mid-range ZR1 model could come with a twin-turbo 5.5-liter making 755 horsepower, while the range-topping C8 Zora could get a hybrid turbo making 1,000 horsepower.

People Can't Quit Rendering the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette and We Love It Exterior Spyshots
- image 793948
2020 Corvette C8 Stingray Corvette C8 Z06 Corvette C8 ZR1 Corvette C8 Zora
0 to 60 mph less than 4 seconds around 3 seconds less than 3 seconds less than 2.5 seconds
Top Speed 190+ mph 200+ mph 210+ mph 220+ mph

The fastest of the bunch will sprint to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and eclipse 220 mph in the top end. An automatic transmission will be the only gearbox on offer (but hopefully not forever).

Once it hits the market, the C8’s competition will depend largely on the final engine spec. The lower trims will go head to head with the 911, while the mid-range will go against the Lamborghini Huracan and Ford GT. Finally, the Zora will cross swords with the range-toppers from Ferrari and McLaren.

While the ‘Vette will almost definitely have the right power numbers to go blow for blow in a straight line, the mid-engine layout should help it hang in the corners as well. Complementing the new handling chops will be magnetic ride control suspension, active aerodynamics, and loads of ultra-sticky tire.

People Can't Quit Rendering the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette and We Love It
- image 834886

Pricing will vary between $62,500 for the entry-level Stingray, to well above $120,000 for the fastest of the fast. A figure of $170,000 is certainly within the realm of possibility if Chevy ends up developing that four-figure hybrid powertrain we just mentioned.

What do you think of the new C8 Corvette renderings, dear reader? Let us know in the comments section below.

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