• People Risk Getting Ran Over by Highway Traffic to Loot Money Dumped on Highway by Brinks Armored Truck

Better think twice if you’re thinking of keeping the money you grabbed from this incident

A Brink’s armored truck traveling on Route 3 West in East Rutherford, New Jersey caused a bit of a commotion when its rear door malfunctioned and spilled money onto the highway. The unbelievable episode caused a number of motorists to stop their vehicles in the middle of the highway to snatch as much cash as they could. It’s a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie, but this actually happened right smack in the middle of the morning rush hour. There’s no word yet on how much cash is missing at this point, but an investigation on how the Brink’s truck’s door malfunctioned is underway.

Imagine driving along Route 3 West when you suddenly see money flying everywhere. It didn’t come from the heavens as you’ve prayed for numerous times in the past, but rather, from a Brink’s truck whose rear doors malfunctioned, causing the money to fly literally everywhere. What would you do?

It’s a bit of a loaded question, sure, but we did find out, courtesy of social media, what a handful of drivers did when the situation happened right in front of them.

Apparently, scoring an extra buck or two was enough for these motorists to hop out of their cars and make a beeline for the scattered cash.

The brazen behavior apparently caused at least two different accidents, including one involving a Toyota Corolla that received significant front-end damage. Obviously, something like this doesn’t happen very often, and there’s a moral grey area around it, at least if you were one of the people who made a dash for the cash.

Do you return the money? Do you keep it for yourself? Well, if you’re having a hard time answering the question, the East Rutherford Police Department is going to make it easier for you to decide. ERPD Captain Phillip Taormina told NBCNews that several individuals have already contacted the department and returned the money they grabbed on the highway. “We would like to advise people if they have any money connected to this incident to contact ERPD at 201-438-0165 to make arrangements for its return with no charges filed,” Captain Taormina added.

People Risk Getting Ran Over by Highway Traffic to Loot Money Dumped on Highway by Brinks Armored Truck
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Whether you return the money or not is entirely up to you, though we recommend that you listen to your conscience.

It’s bad enough that you’re keeping money that doesn’t belong to you, it’s worse knowing that somebody — the Brink’s driver — will probably have to answer for what happened to the truck’s rear door.

It’s probably not his fault if the rear doors malfunctioned, but heads will probably roll from this incident. Perhaps returning the money is a good way to prevent that from happening.

I lived in Hackensack, New Jersey for a few years and I know this area very well. Judging from the numerous videos that have appeared on social media, this happened close to a ramp that leads to Route 17 North. It’s also on the opposite side of the highway where the entrance to the New Jersey Turnpike is located. So this hits a little close to home for me. Here’s to hoping that those people who picked up the scattered cash return it to the ERPD, or at least contact the department if they have information or videos to share.

People Risk Getting Ran Over by Highway Traffic to Loot Money Dumped on Highway by Brinks Armored Truck
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As far as Brink’s mishaps go, this actually isn’t the first time that the armored truck company has had an incident like this happen to one of its trucks. Back in May, another Brink’s truck scattered hundreds of thousands of dollars — police estimated it at $600,000 — when the rear door of another Brink’s truck blew open as it was driving along Interstate 70 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Local police said at that time that anyone who picked up the cash and didn’t return it could be charged with theft. Let that sink in, especially if you were one of those who grabbed the money in today’s accident in Jersey. What you thought as manna from above could end with you getting charged with theft.

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