The PERAVES MONOTRACER is a fully enclosed two-wheeler boasting a sporty, aerodynamic look and very low consumption.

As a new version of the ECOMOBILE, a vehicle purely functional in design, the MonoTracer rounds off this unique class of machines by incorporating state-of-the-art design features.

Peraves Monotracer to debut in Geneva
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The MonoTracer is aimed at an international clientele and customers will obviously have to be fairly wellheeled.

For their 52,500 Euros (basic price without VAT) they could also buy a Cayman, SLK or Z4, but those machines all lack the exclusivity guaranteed by an annual production of only 100 vehicles. And with the MonoTracer you also get the performance of a 911 combined with the unrivalled exhilaration of a superbike’s angles of lean thrown in for free!

Many of our clients have an academic education, 911-experience, a pilot’s license and have driven or ridden the original 21 kilometre Nurburgring race track for real, not just on the Playstation. All of them are past or current motorcycle enthusiasts. Many are over 40, the age when rheumatism can start to set in. Most have to be at work on Monday, without suffering from the aches and pains of a weekend’s racing.

Peraves Monotracer to debut in Geneva
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With the MonoTracer they use the same vehicle for commuting to the office as they do for getting their kicks at the weekend.


For decades the first rule for excellent design has been “form follows function“. The cabin motorcycle was born with this maxim as part of its genetic make-up. For the MonoTracer rather more emphasis was placed on things like surface finish, detail workmanship, selection of materials, joint tolerances etc. so that it can bear comparison with the best models from major manufacturers of both two and four wheeled vehicles. To achieve that goal the MonoTracer has been developed with the help of suppliers to the very biggest players in the vehicle market.

Peraves Monotracer to debut in Geneva
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