Is not that i am trying to be mean with women, actully I am not trying at all, but this kind of video keep coming to me.

Check out this one, she is trying to park her car for like 4 minutes, and what a show, but off course, she can’t do it!

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  (1) posted on 01.19.2007

This isn’t politically correct either but I once saw a woman try to parallel park a Dodge minivan in a space with plenty of room. a good 4 minutes and sven tries later, she was in- with the right-rear wheel on the sidewalk. She had children aboard. This was outside a restaurant I worked at - it was slow and the kitchen crew and I watched this unfold with great amusement. I even said, once she was in - "watch this - she’ll let the kids out on the street side." And she did just that - a busy downtown street. She already had 1/4 of the vehicle on the sidewalk - you’d think that might occur as the safer choice for off-loading children. It surprised none of us when she came in and asked if our popular bar/lounge had a children’s menu. Not being a chain (like TGI Friday’s), we did not.

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