It’s a love story between man and machine

Every automaker has a model that’s regarded as the best it has ever built. In the case of Jaguar, that model is the E-Type. Naturally, those who are fortunate enough to still own one of these models keep them in as good a condition as possible. Then there’s Miguel Rodrigo, a Peruvian architect who loves his 1964 Jaguar E-Type Roadster so much he doesn’t keep it tucked in his garage to collect dust. Instead, he drives the E-Type as much as he can, even admitting to driving it “from border to border” twice.

I’m not exactly sure what borders Rodrigo is referring to since Peru has five of them, but his point is crystal clear. He is getting as much enjoyment as he can from his prized E-Type the way any car enthusiast should.

Rodrigo loves his E-Type so much that he’s actually used it in a number of racing events, none more notable than Peru’s version of the Cannonball rally. True to form, the E-Type obliterated the opposition in the race, finishing four hours ahead of the eventual runner-up. It’s a remarkable achievement considering how far Rodrigo had to go just so he could have an opportunity to not only buy the classic Jag in a U.S. auction, but also have it shipped to Peru legally.

Then again, these are the kind of lengths we go to for the cars that we truly love. There’s no challenge hard enough for us to conquer if it means being rewarded with a car that we’ve dreamt about for years.

That’s the story of Miguel Rodrigo and his Jaguar E-Type. It’s a perfect example of a man, his car, and the rewards of passion and determination.

1961 - 1968 Jaguar E-Type

1961 - 1968 Jaguar E-Type High Resolution Exterior
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