Ice and snow on the blacktop? No problem!

The calendar might be saying March, but all over the country, the white stuff keeps on falling. Of course, as Mark Birch will tell you, that’s no big deal if you’ve got the right vehicle. You see, this Four-Ring enthusiast is rocking a ’94 Audi RS2 wagon, which mates an eternally desirable five-cylinder power plant in the nose with quattro AWD grip in the corners. As a result, it can churn powder with the best of ‘em.

With a ski rack up top and loads of space in the rear, this German five-door has an impressive amount of cargo room to haul whatever you want. Throw some cold-weather rubber under the fenders, and it’s pretty much the perfect daily driver for the mountains. Unfortunately, finding spare parts for these rarities can be pretty tricky, as Birch found out after another driver took the bumper off his wagon in a crash.

But while firing up only on the weekends might improve the Audi’s chances of staving off another collision, this Audi doesn’t want to stay parked. “It wants to be used all the time. So we use it as a family quite a lot, we use it for going on holiday, going away for the weekend.” Birch explains. “It’s a great car, it’s meant to be used.”

We love this thing. It’s a do-anything, go-anywhere, AWD luxury car that’s comfortable when you need it and quick when you want it. Wagons for the win.


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