Thorstein Seitz is not a traditional auto collector, and that’s what makes him special

Most auto collectors I’m familiar with are in the game because they either love classic cars, expensive cars, fast and powerful cars, or a combination of all three. But for Thorsten Seitz, he doesn’t care about any of those things. He doesn’t care about mud flaps, chrome trims, or emblems. All he’s after is a simple car collection, which is exactly what he has with garage full of vintage Fords. And by vintage Fords, I mean Ford Escorts, Cortinas, and Taunuses.

It’s not exactly an inspiring collection in the traditional sense, but in a round-a-bout way, it’s exactly why Thorstein Seitz is a unique car collector and is a fitting subject for the latest episode of Petrolicious. In his own words, he says that he likes to keep his collection “very simple” and prefers “base models” over their trimmed out counterparts.

Overly sporty? No thanks. Exaggerated fenders? Yuck. Aluminum bars? Hideous.

That’s how Seitz views his taste for cars and it partly explains why his collection of cars, despite their ages, are almost near stock, free from any performance modifications. He also says that he drives like a “retiree,” even though he has treated himself to an occasional burst or two.

But for the most part, Thorstein Seitz is the antithesis of what people would expect from an auto collector. Make no mistake though, that quality in him is not a negative one. On the contrary, it’s precisely why he’s such a unique collector. He understands that his taste in cars is not everyone’s and he’s perfectly fine with that.

And in the same token, that attitude is why this German collector of vintage American cars is someone to be admired. He’s the living embodiment of the phrase “a man’s collection, whatever it may be, is only as valuable as his desire and passion for it.”


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