The family heirloom drives on

The thing with families that love cars is that these machines often gets passed down from one generation to another. Whether it’s a run-down 1972 Ford Pinto or an immaculate 1978 Porsche 930, the sentimental value isn’t solely placed on the car itself, but rather no the familial ties that bind it.

His father loved Porsches and that love transferred to Deryck at a very young age. So just before his uncle passed on, he gave the keys to his 930 to his nephew, knowing that it would be in good hands. As this episode of Petrolicious shows us, and he’s taken good care of the turbocharged coupe to the point that it still looks as it did when first arriving in Australia. Deryck knows the value of the 930, not just for himself and his family, but for its place as one of the last remaining 930s in the country today. Only 28 of these ever made it Down Under, and it’s a sure bet that Deryck’s 930 is one of the last ones to remain in working condition.

The story of the 930 itself is a fascinating one considering that it was launched at a time when technology hadn’t caught up with man’s desire for fast and powerful cars. The 930 is both of that, but it was, and presumably still is, a handful to drive. It’s got no power steering or any electronic aids, and it’s also susceptible to turbo lag. That makes it unsuitable to drive for novices who don’t understand the sensation of delayed power. It’s no surprise that the Porsche 930 has earned the moniker “Widowmaker.”

Fortunately, Deryck knows all of this and has adapted well to the driving conditions set forth by his Porsche. His son has even developed his own affinity for the car and everything Porsche. In a lot of ways, this is the circle of life in full effect. One day, Deryck wants to pass down the 930 to his son, just like what his uncle did for him.

Porsche 930

1975 - 1989 Porsche 911 (930)
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porsche 911 (930)

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