Take a peek at one Renault’s most unheralded performance cars from the 1980’s

Every automaker in the world has that handful of models that get lost in the halls of history, be it for this reason or anther. For Renault, a case can be made that the Renault R5 Turbo 2 falls in this category. Not a lot of people remember the R5 Turbo and the reason for that is really simple. Production only lasted four years and only 3,576 units were made. True story: it was even sold in the U.S. for a time under the name “Le Car.” And yet, 30 years after production ended in Belgium, at least one of them has lived to see the roads of today. That model is owned by one Christophe Guerin, a gentleman from France who counts a 1984 R5 Turbo 2 as one of his most prized possessions.

This episode of Petrolicious tells the story of Guerin and his beloved R5 Turbo 2 to go with countless memories of being fortunate enough to have spent most of life a stone’s throw away from the iconic LeMans race track. As you can imagine, Guerin never ran out of stories to tell, which makes the six-and-a-half minute episode of Petrolicious seem to short. But in that time, we get a chance to hear from someone who not only got to spend a lot of his life on one of the most iconic race tracks in the world, but who also found a life-long love and appreciation for a car that’s largely been forgotten as the decades have piled up.

This is our chance to get to know Guerin and more importantly, get introduced to the Renault R5 Turbo 2, a street-spec car that was born out of Renault’s desire to beat the Lancia Stratos rally cars that dominated the rally scene back in the 80’s.

Renault R5 Turbo 2

1985 Renault R5 Turbo II Exterior
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Read our full review on the Renault R5 Turbo 2 here.

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