Over the past few months, Petrolicious has featured some of the world’s most overlooked classic vehicles. Yes, for every Porsche 911 or Mazda MX-5, there’s an Aston Martin DBS V8 or a Porsche 912. The point of each of these episodes isn’t so much about the cars itself, but the stories behind these cars, as told by their owners. The most recent episode follows that template and features Jason Humble and his 1971 Mazda RX-2.

For those who don’t remember, the Mazda RX-2, otherwise known as the Mazda 626, was first built in 1970 and lasted six generations until 2002. It was eventually replaced by the model we now refer to as the Mazda 6. Ok, enough history lessons because this particular episode of Petrolicious isn’t a history lesson of the car, but rather touches on the relationship between Humble and his beloved RX-2. Unlike most stories about car owners and their favorite cars, Humble’s story with the RX-2 began after he bought the car as a bare shell and worked on restoring it back to its old, pristine glory. It took him three years to do it, but once the Herschel Orange paint dried on the RX-2’s body, Humble used it to compete in vintage racing in 2005 against the likes of the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaros.

Racing roots aside, Humbles devotion to his RX-2 is the other fascinating part about this episode. According to the man himself, cleaning his RX-2 has become a daily routine for him, not because of vanity reasons but because he just wants his car to look as spic and span all day, every day.

Do check out this episode and after watching it, ask yourself this question: am I as devoted to my car as Jason Humble is to his Mazda RX-2? After a little while, you’ll be surprised at your answer.


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